Why mangle your hands with an Allen wrench for a piece of overlycalculated sameness when artists are starving to elevate you to Pharaoh status with your own custom-made piece? That probably sounds trivial - Pharaoh status! Who would ever want such a thing in today’s age of democracy? Hmm.

Let’s try again - why support unbridled manufacturing in an age of environmental crisis with the world slowly burning, sinking, choking, freezing and starving all at once when you can fulfil-your-needs-to-measure, knowing that a million photocopies of that throw-pillow of yours aren’t gathering mould in a warehouse on a backstreet in a low-rent district somewhere in the urban outskirts of the planet?

The Great Design Disaster is about sustainability. Is about luxury. Is about feeling like a Pharaoh. Ok, not a Pharaoh. Ok, a really nice, totally hip Pharaoh. It is about beauty and usefulness and wildly creative synergy. And where great design once implied that such a design would be repeated into infinity and used by every human hand across the ages, the Great Design Disaster implies with a bellowing voice that the disaster of singularity, the failing of simply making one thing for one person - ONCE - is absolutely, well, GREAT! This great failure could help save the planet we live on and that beats pretty much any design you can imagine. Of course, decorating your home, assuring your comfort, expressing your taste, your aesthetics may not start you thinking about saving the Earth. You may even find that thinking of saving the planet puts a rather dim light on your otherwise luxurious fantasies - but do not fear, oh Pharaoh! Sustainability means elegance, excellent taste, joyous abandon. Sustainability needs no apologies. Sustainability is inventive and wildly profitable - just try spending a dollar after the Apocalypse!
However, The Great Design Disaster is more than an army of dizzyingly talented artisans whittling away at wood, ceramics, fabrics, gold, engraving, iron, steel, stained glass and sculpture - with all of these, there is still room for a gigantic design star to shine right into your new custom-made stained-glass window - none other than Gregory Gatserelia, world-renowned multiple-prizewinning designer and architect who, besides overseeing a planetary-scale gathering of crafts-creatures with project co-founder and up-and-coming interior designer Joy Herro, is sure to light your eyes up with his own brand of remarkable creations
So get excited, splash the water out of your bath tub and trash your house, the time has come to be fresh. One piece at a time. One artist at a time. Each time, the first time, the last time, your time! Help put the kabash on goofy knee-jerk consumerism and make William Morris jealous for not living to the age of two-hundred so he could be a part of this. Get yourself something special for a change. Who knows, if all goes well, one day you’ll pay a tiger to knit a baby-blanket for your grandchild while cruising over the pristine Amazon in a mag-lev spaceship. Let your wish be The Great Design Disaster’s command!