Apr 2023April 2023

MDW 2023


The Great Design Disaster ( @thegreatdesigndisaster ) presents ‘Heart Can Act Alone”, Realized in hand-knotted wool, the carpet’s pattern brings to mind the patina of a well-worn tapestry in faded hues on which is represented enigmatic lettering that symbolizes a MADE-UP universal language.

Why dream of love
when HERE
your innermost so
unbespoken self
to be attracted
can only

A Brief for the Creation of a New Integrated Universal Alphabet by TGDD | All the old letters reverberate bad history. If, tomorrow, an outbreak of Peace strikes the world like stubborn influenza, somewhere, some recollection of bigotry would persevere as ideas and the words to which they assign themselves tend, miraculously, to persevere - THE WORD! - like the cold case serial killer perseveres, like a bad headache seems, for today (which becomes tomorrow), to persevere. Like grief perseveres. Like mistakes resound, persevering. Language, fixing time, binding memory, simply won’t allow us to move forward without a piece of the past dangling behind us like the remnants of a tail from some amphibious phase of our human evolution. You speak of culture, of preserving your roots, all rooted in language, that last brick of Babel that you defend like a tower. So let’s build an alphabet from all of the languages, a code of all codes where you find you inside of us rather than just you with us outside. The world is too small to hide from how small it is any longer, to clutch at old thoughts sentences the body to death. The honoured place of your culture sits within the tapestry of all of human existence. Let’s all embrace the enigma, the letters from all letters. It will take time, will be all-consuming, no time for quarrels over water-holes or the third name of the deity, every day will simply need be divine as we divine the whole of what we’ve become rather than dying. One tiny letter at a time. We can learn it together, so we can learn together. Now, repeat after us…
Oct 2022October 2022


Abu Dhabi
Having looked ahead, following all the well-conceived advice - looking twice before crossing the street, never stepping on the cracks, brushing after meals, a month’s supply of water and canned goods ready for the Apocalypse, strategically positioned clubs and hammers, gigantic boxes of batteries and all that toilet paper. Yet, the propensity for vigilance springs from the propensity for destruction snaking through our thoughts, a crouching monkey spying on the tiger’s waterhole, most of our impressive means based on fire, explosions, faucet-bursts, the spark igniting the explosion and the subsequent indifference of entropy. The heart of disaster is unexpectedness, ill-preparedness, those stupid final thoughts we wish hopelessly to revise once thought. Accidents only happen when we don’t expect them and the musing that follows human folly hardly arrests the beheading of our progress as it perches on time-bombs waiting to explode, inexcusably designed to explode, cracking our carbon back to the Earth. The chandelier unstrung but still bright, the meal unfinished, never to be digested, drinks spilled and left where they fell, phones still ringing, of course, never to be answered - nobody’s home, not even home itself, homeless unbodies, nothing more than ash from that surprising fire, vague dust fluttering through the far-off sunlight, peeking through some luckier other’s window.
Jun 2022June 2022

MDW 2022

Because what could be more elementary to design than food, water and shelter? So, the Great Design Disaster is going to hit two out of three of these and substitute shelter with human interaction in a culinary journey to that ancient fire where surviving was eventually usurped by thriving and satisfaction was overcome by delight. Understanding great design means understanding the necessity behind it because design has always been, fundamentally, at the service of humanity, fulfilling a need but better than that - bringing art, creativity, ingenuity and sheer joy to the solution. Like any fine chef, design artists use available materials, left-overs even and whip them into a unique experience bound to expand the creativity of the user as much as the creator. Sure, we’ll fill your stomach but so much more as our artisan chefs push their limits and yours in a quest to transcend the necessary, arriving at an artistic experience which not only delights the senses but provokes thought and vision. So, as you’re enjoying the epicurean delights, evolved all the way from the humble routines of hunting and gathering, why not latch onto a fellow traveller and plot the next aeon of human development? A fine idea for a coffee table. Or breakfast perhaps? Getting back to basics means that anything’s possible - so stuff yourself on reinvention and new perspectives. Buon appetito!
May 2022May 2022


What makes a design object a true object of sustainable luxury? The Great Design Disaster opens the doors into the behind the scenes of the world of a master artisan giving an authentic glimpse into the processes that support the industry of collectible design and art. Drawing from the crafts and workmanship that define the manufacturing culture of Italy, TGDD are firm believers in the art and luxury of things slowly made, one piece at a time so that they truly manifest the value of craftsmanship and the vision of their design. With each project, TGDD goes beyond boundaries combining design vision while highlighting the artisans whose work define every commissioned piece. By putting the crafts at the forefront, TGDD ensures the survival of crafts and its perpetuity for the next generations. Artisans are the masters and backbone of the design industry and TGDD wants to continue to demonstrate their value and how they bring tolife objects of our very desires. What makes the unique object beautiful is the human behind each piece. The final product for the client, thus, is much more than just an object but an experience and contemplation into the fascinating world of design. Together with Fonderia Artistica Campagner, TGDD gives a special sneak peek into an artisanal journey.
Sep 2021September 2021

MDW 2021

The Great Design Disaster took part at ALCOVA Design Fair 2021 during Milano Design Week (04-12 SEPT) with a truly original display concept “Empty Room”.

The TGDD room promises to be an incitement to future clients to let their imaginations run free and come up with an onslaught desires promoting beautiful design for generations to come. However, the layout only became clear after considerable struggle on the part of the company dedicated to bespoke design and creating a million designs rather than selling one good design a million times.