No factory to blame

No factory to blame
Episode 4
March 2020
After one year of work, this piece is almost ready, but not quite. Alarmingly for many, the client is set to pick up the piece the very next day. But these artisans will not rush, moving as deliberately as ever, striving for perfection, they’ll engage every extra second to put their work to the test. There is no factory to blame, no multinational giant that can simply send another carbon copy along should this one have a defect. This is the artistry that has been lost, the pride that comes with a unique endeavour which can never be repeated in quite the same way. These pieces have a soul, the artisan’s soul and the soul of the client that envisioned it.

Thrilled Windowpanes by Gregory Gatserelia, synergistically conceived with a collector, innovative technique by Maestro d'Arte Alessandro Rametta, La Fucina di Efesto, glass produced by Ermes Glass ©2020 The Great Design Disaster.