COLLECTOR - Someone as passionate about Art and Design as we are, but ready to take the next step and bring their very own vision into being.
Have you been walking around feeling frustrated lately? You know what you’re looking for, you know what you like and, above all, you know what’s good and what’s not. Then the swarm descends upon you and instead of finding joy in the latest art and design objects they’re hawking, you only find mediocrity. As you stroll the streets of your home town, you’re convinced you’re seeing carbon copies of the same objects everywhere, nothing new, nothing bold, the umpteenth spoon-feeding of a market which has one goal - sell you what’s on the shelf and then replace it with an identical copy to sell to the next person. But you love DESIGN, ART, BEAUTY, the acts of creation that have shown humanity a better way throughout history. You know you can do better.
So here’s your chance. Take what you’ve learned and what you love and what you want and forge a new path, a unique piece, a never-before-seen work of art summoned by your brain right out of the able hands of a world-class artisan. We’ll help you but you have to take the first step and envision it…